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Hasogix case – Saudi Arabia has transferred $ 100 million to Washington during Pompeo’s visit to Riyadh United States Of America 

Hasogix case – Saudi Arabia has transferred $ 100 million to Washington during Pompeo’s visit to Riyadh

According to US reports, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during his visit to Riyadh, sent $ 100 million to Washington to contribute to the stabilization of the Northeast Syrian situation.

In August, Saudi Arabia publicly promised to financially support the United States’ efforts to stabilize the situation in the northeastern regions of Syria. His promise, however, has not yet come to fruition, and the timing of the transfer – which was first reported by The New York Times – was alarmed by doubts whether the payment was unrelated to the Saudi journalist Jamal Hasogdis’s missing and allegedly murdered at the Istanbul Consulate in Saudi Arabia.
The US Department of State denied the assumption that there would be any relationship between the transfer of the sum and Mike Pompeo’s Riyadh negotiations. The Washington Post, in which Hasogdsi regularly published, contacted Brett McGurk, a special envoy, who is responsible for the affairs of the Islamic State against a terrorist organization. The Foreign Affairs Officer replied to the paper.
“The transfer of funds has been a long-standing process, has nothing to do with other events or the visit of Foreign Minister,” McGurk said.
The Washington Post commented: Saudi Arabia, which is oil-rich and a strong ally of the United States, has long relied on its financial resources to seek to support its political aspirations. The paper – without mentioning specific names – wrote: “Western diplomats suspect that the desert kingdom will also compensate for Turkey because it has agreed to a joint investigation of the Hasogdis case.” This “compensation” may mean debt relief or any kind of help from the hurting Turkish economy.
The US newspaper quoted Brett McGurk as saying on Friday in Saudi Arabia, referring to one of the Foreign Ministry officials who called for silence.

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