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Hasogix Case – The Washington Post: Video Records Show That Saudi Journalist Was Killed Big World United States Of America 

Hasogix Case – The Washington Post: Video Records Show That Saudi Journalist Was Killed

Audio and video shows that Judge Jamaal Hasogdis of Saudi Arabia was assassinated in Turkey – an employee of The Washington Post, a journalist, said on Thursday evening.

Information on this page comes from Turkish government sources.
The recordings – the American newspaper wrote – show that Jamaal Hasogizzi walked on his home in Istanbul on October 2 to get the official documents for his upcoming wedding. “They were then murdered and parted,” the Turkish official said.
The Washington Post did not have those audio and video recordings, but Turkish sources claimed they had told them what they contained. According to them, the recordings were made inside the consulate’s building.
On the recording, “the voice of Hasogdis and the voice of other Arab-speaking men can be heard.” He could hear him interrogated, tortured, and then assassinated, “one Turkish anonymous informant asked. Another source who did not even hear the sound recordings but claimed to have informed him about it said: “You may have heard of the way that Hasogiz is being beaten”.
The Washington Post emphasized: it is unclear whether US officials have seen videos or heard voice recordings, but Turkish officials have been informed about their American counterparts by content.
Saudi Arabia has consistently denied having to deal with the disappearance of Hasogdis, claiming that the Saudi journalist left the consulate building. This Hasogizic Turkish girlfriend, who had been waiting for him for hours at the consulate, refuted him. She asked in an open letter to The Washington Post this week for US President Donald Trump. Hasogyssi himself, who is a powerful critic of the Kurdish prince of Mohammed bin Shalman, has worked for The Washington Post as well since last year he voluntarily left his homeland.
US Senators on Wednesday sent a letter to Donald Trump to end the case of the missing journalist and, if necessary, to impose severe sanctions on those responsible, referring to the so-called Magnysinki Law. The law entered into force in the United States in 2012 The Sergei Magnyszkij, the Russian lawyer’s unclear death, had the freezing of the assets of Russian officers and the ban on them.
Trump on Thursday in an interview with Fox television said Washington would look at what happened and at the same time call it economic worst about the possible halt of arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
The US president said on Thursday that the alleged murder of Hasogdis was “a terrible thing,” but he did not say who he was responsible for. “We are very much aware that we will soon have a report on the matter, we will cooperate with Turkey and cooperate with Saudi Arabia.” What has happened has been a terrible thing, provided it’s done, I mean, maybe a pleasant surprise may come to us, though I’m afraid of my doubts be it, “Trump told reporters.
Meanwhile, in the White House, congressional politicians and intelligence, there is growing conviction that Hasogdis is dead and therefore responsible for Saudi Arabia.
The Washington Post claims that US intelligence has information that Mohamed bin Shalman Crown has ordered the journalist to be relocated to Saudi Arabia where he would be arrested.
Bob Corker, the Republican President of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, told reporters at the congress on Thursday: “If it is true that we are still thinking but not sure, then the highest sanctions should be imposed.”
Several US newspapers and television companies, including The New York Times and CNBC television, announced that their associates will not participate in the near-future investment conference in Riyadh.
Heather Nauert, a US foreign affairs spokesman, said that a US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia has left Washington on Thursday and has gone home for consultations, according to the official announcement.

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