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Going back to Nepal is the Mount Everest’s climbing        Big World Travel 

Going back to Nepal is the Mount Everest’s climbing     

Instead of Nepal, the Tibetan side is trying to get more and more climber to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, as this route is less overcrowded and the Chinese are investing more and more into the area, they are increasingly looking to meet the needs of mountaineers.

Because of the climate change, Khumbu hail over the base camp on the Nepalese route is becoming more and more unpredictable, the avalanche risk is common in the area. Thus, China can succeed in taking the lead in the mountaineering business and thus gaining a lot of revenue, the British newspaper The Times reported.
The road to the mountain peak is overcrowded from the south, there are many inexperienced mountaineers, “said Phil Crampton, the British newspaper whose business is now solely powered by the Chinese side to help mountain climbers climb Mount Everest. Too many “small budget” groups are trying to get out of the Nepalese side, and the Nepalese are also less able to oversee the route, he added.
Since 2000, most of the mountaineers use the Nepali side, but there are more and more signs that their numbers are decreasing as they grow on the Tibetan route.
The Chinese side has invested heavily in the establishment of a climbing center where helicopters can be used if needed and better transport routes on the Tibetan side.
In recent years, there have been more tragedies on the Nepal side, most recently in the devastating earthquake of 2015, 18 people were killed in the area when avalanches swept across the route. The Khumbu hail is less and less stable, 23 of them have been killed in the region over the past five years – the British daily said.
For mountain climbers, the two routes are almost the same, and only a “historical accident” was that Mount Everest first climbed the southern route for 65 years with Edmund Hillary and Serpa Assistant Tenzing Norgay. When George Mallory and Andrew Irvine tried to get to the top in 1924, the Tibetan route was used, since Nepal was still a closed country.

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