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It is effective to introduce a smoking United States Of America 

It is effective to introduce a smoking

  Effective is the introduction of a smoking ban, but it does not equally affect the various layers of society – US researchers have pointed out.

    Professionals have collected data on the health of young and middle-aged smokers for 25 years and have been compared with the data collected by the American Non-smoker’s Rights Foundation on smoking bans.
    It turned out that the introduction of the smoking ban was the most effective way to reduce the risk of smoking among tertiary educators. In those areas where ban was imposed, the share of smokers dropped by 20 percent among university graduates, according to their study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.
    Our results have also shown that smoking bans can help cessation among people with lower qualifications, but there is a lot to be done to ensure that the trial ends, “said Stephanie Mayne, researcher at the University of Northwestern University. The lowest level of education is 15 percent more likely to try to quit if they live in an area where ban was introduced.
    The number of cessation attempts is an important measure of smoking abandonment. On average, 8 to 14 attempts lead to someone finally dropping the cigarette, “Amy Auschinclosst, Drexel University associate professor at Medicalxpress Medical News.
    The ban may also reduce the risk of someone having a strong smoker, ie taking up to a half a pack of cigarettes or more. However, it does not reduce smoking rates for those with lower qualifications.
    Many previous studies have shown that the smoking ban reduces the adverse effects of passive smoking, ie tobacco smoke, which is higher than the average for those with lower qualifications. Although this study suggests that the risk of smoking in this group is unchanged, the ban also applies favorably to passive smokers living in them.

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