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Sixty-one is the eldest gorilla of the world Other Interesting Facts 

Sixty-one is the eldest gorilla of the world

The 61st birthday of the world’s oldest female gorilla was celebrated at the Berlin zoo.

The celebrated Fatou rice tart with cottage cheese and fruit that is otherwise prohibited because of its advanced age and high sugar content.

It’s a little slow and you have no teeth, anyway, “said Ruben Gralki, who has been caring for the animal for 20 years.

Fatou shares Trudy with the world’s oldest female gorilla with a great human being living in the American Little Rock zoo. In fact, no exact age of an animal is known because it was born wild. Fatou came to Berlin in 1959, where he was estimated to be two years old. A French sailor with the gorilla baby paid for the drink he had eaten at a pub in Marseille.

Director Andreas Knieriem called the old gorilla lady the living legend of the zoo. Nevertheless, Fatou is not the oldest inhabitant of the Berlin Zoo, with this title a flamingo called Ingo, which has been living in the zoo since 1948.

Source: Photo: News Today

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