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Sixty-five years old, mostly with the Queen’s words British Royal Family United Kingdom 

Sixty-five years old, mostly with the Queen’s words

With the grace of God, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Queen of other estates and territories, the head of the Commonwealth, the defender of faith – will be sixty-five years this year to II. Queen Elizabeth Coronation chiefly wears these titles, but for the first time, he shared the personalities with the subjects personally about what memories he kept of the world-famous crowning ceremony six and a half decades ago.

The one-hour documentary on the BBC television, The Coronation – The Crowning title on Sunday evening, is unprecedented in the history of the British-British monarchy, and British rulers never report directly to the media according to the unwritten but legitimate protocol.
In the 92nd year of his life II. Queen Elizabeth had met the crown of St. Edward for the first time since the coronation on June 2, 1953. This golden crown – which in 1661, II. It was designed for the crowning of Charles, but the Anglo-Saxon King before the Norman conquest, who died in the year of Norman conquest, because he was placed once on the crowning day on every ruler’s head, and then carefully hidden in the Treasury of the Tower of London’s ancient fort.
The crown of 2,3 kg weighed with 440 gemstones and semi-precious stones reverts to the ruler on the BBC program after 65 years, measuring how he is “still so difficult” and says, laughing, that ” yes, I still have a ton. ”
From the program makers, the queen also learned from her as a historical novel information that crown jewels were included in the II. Where in the dark days of World War II they were hiding. The secret records from the archives reveal that the coronation treasures were hidden in the 18-meter deep medieval basement of the ancient royal castle at the western end of London, in order to prevent Hitler from reaching a Nazi invasion. Only a few people knew about the hiding maturity, and the queen who spent war years as an adolescent princess in Windsor was not among them.
The ruler heard the story of the BBC programmakers first and the fact that his father, VI. King György was among the hiding place’s acquaintances.
VI. György died in February 1952, leaving the throne and the collapsing empire for his 26-year-old first-born daughters, but stepped down to the queen. Erzsébet, after only 16 months of very thorough preparation, was crowned by Geoffrey Fisher, Canterbury Archbishop of London at Westminster Abbey, on June 2, 1953, in the presence of 8250 invited and distinguished guests.
It was the first coronation that the subjects could watch on television. According to statistics, 20 million people watched the ceremony in live broadcast. Such a television device was far from being part of the war jargon system, but it was the only way to get rid of it in Britain, but the event crowded the population: millions came in, even unknown to families that they knew had their television.
After the temple ceremony, a eight-kilometer boulevard took place in London to greet the newly-crowned ruler in the streets, gathering in the heavy rain, a massive three million pounds.
On the BBC, the ruler reveals: this tour was “terribly uncomfortable” as the nearly fourtonne state carousel for the occasion, suspended by four leather straps, was “not meant to be traveled in any way.” The carriage was so fickle that even the horses could move in a step, “he adds.
The other crown was also featured, the diamond-plated Imperial State Crown, which is dominated by the ruler on the most prominent events, above all on the annual opening of Parliament.
Read it at this time on the throne of the Lords’ House, sitting on the legislative program of its government.
On the BBC, the queen reveals: the operation requires a lot of caution, reading the speech by raising the paper to his eyes instead of folding his head as otherwise the “man’s neck breaks and the crown drops “.
The ruler laughs, adding that the crown is “very awkward” and “not at all comfortable”.
II. Queen Elizabeth is the forty-six British-British ruler ever since Vilmos Conquest gained the English throne in 1066 but did not even have any predecessor to wear the crown for more than six decades.

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