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The payroll of IT staff ranges from $ 250,000 to $ 1.8 million a month Finance 

The payroll of IT staff ranges from $ 250,000 to $ 1.8 million a month

We hear more and more amounts of information on Hungarian IT payments, and we are almost surprised at the gross figures above the gross of $ 1.5 million.

Part of the profession, with sincere interest and indignation, asks where they can look for such astronomical sums. There are huge pay gap in this market: from gross 250,000 to 800,000, up to 1,8 million forints monthly, everything can be realistic. But what does it matter to an IT specialist: diploma, language skills or many years of professional experience? Through the help of labor market experts and IT bounty hunters, we have been focusing on what payment ranges for each function and how to reach the maximum.

Earlier, 20,000 estimated the number of IT scientists missing from the Hungarian market, and this year the ITZ Association (IVSZ) estimates this number 30,000 according to the G7 portal. However, Adrien Spiller, Adecco’s leading IT recruitment consultant, believes that this can be even more – as long as 60,000 people can, since international large companies come to Hungary and open up new positions at a time, even more. For example, there are such developments in the energy sector, and a lot of new opportunities for home computer scientists in the field of research and development within the automotive industry. According to his experience, people are more courageous when it comes to wage bargaining, asking for ever higher amounts as they keep seeing the news of rising wages. But what is the realistic demand for wages now in Hungary for an informatics?

Over the past few years, not only IT professionals but mostly developers have been evaluated in the global job market, including in Hungary, as many companies place their development center here with good knowledge – compared to the Western countries – because of lower wage levels, said Dorottya Sámson in the labor market expert, CPL Jobs branch manager, who added that not only developers’ salaries can be outstanding. There is currently no over-supply of administrator-requiring administrator positions, so wages are lower, while system engineers can reach similar amounts to developers’ wages as they are a graduate specialist with complex knowledge.

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