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Belgian royal coin is the last coin on Monday       European Union 

Belgian royal coin is the last coin on Monday    

For reasons of economic reasons, the Belgian royal mint has been abandoned by the production of circulation coins and the Belgian Mint of Belgium on Monday, the Belgian daily La Libre Belgique announced on Monday.

So far, all Belgian means of payment have been manufactured by the institution called Royal Mint, which is currently governed by the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Government.
According to the information provided by the Mint, the activity is planned to be handed over to a private company but its selection is still ongoing. Until the final decision, no euro is paid in Belgium.
As you have said, transferring the task of money making does not pose a security risk. Concerns can be made to ensure the quality of money, as they say that in Belgium, the best quality, most durable engraving and the EU’s longest lasting glittering surface have been produced in the European Union.

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