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The fiery rotation of the Oumuamua asteroid is a fierce crash Other 

The fiery rotation of the Oumuamua asteroid is a fierce crash

 The fiercest collision between the Ovoramua, the first known asteroid from the Interstellar Space to the Solar System, is based on a new study by Belfast Queen’s University.

    The light reflecting the elongated, cigar-shaped space object discovered in October was explored by research team led by Wes Fraser. Their study was cited by the BBC news portal on Nature Astronomy.
    Oumuamua came from a different solar system and can not come from our own path. Initially, they thought it was a comet, but it turned out that it had nothing to do with dust and waterbodies.
    Oumuamua is likely to be asteroid, though its shape is extremely unusual, compared to cigars or cucumbers, and is longer than 200 meters in length.
    Researchers at Queen’s University have studied the nature of the rotation of the object through the change of reflection from it. Almost immediately it was found that, in contrast to many small asteroids, it does not rotate properly but collide.
    The BBC’s 4th channel on Sunday broadcast a ping-pong with strange motion: Fraser first threw it down, dropping steadily around its axis. When he dropped it in a different way, he fell down in an irregular way.
    The most likely explanation of the chaotic movement of the “space man” is that he has collided with another object sometime in his story. They do not know when the car has gone, but they think that it will continue to rotate for at least one billion years.
    Scientists are now hunting for more Oumuamua-like objects, of which tens of thousands can pass through our solar system within the Neptune course.

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