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Incredible: a Scottish woman is able to smear Parkinson’s Scotland 

Incredible: a Scottish woman is able to smear Parkinson’s

Scientists from Manchester University and the University of Edinburgh have raised the question: maybe there is a way to get Parkinson’s disease in time. They are already looking for the sort of odor that a woman in Scotland has discovered to be a sick man.

Parkinson’s disease currently has no cure, but if it is really recognizable by odor, it can be a good way to find the cause for screening in time.

Joy’s husband, Les, was diagnosed at age 45. The woman, however, had begun to feel a kind of musk silk long before. “We lived very turbulent times when my husband was about 34-35 years old and I always told her not to shower, do not miss the reception properly,” Joy recalled. He added, “It was a completely new smell, and I had no idea what it was. I kept telling him constantly, which in turn pushed him up, so I stayed quieter, “writes HVG.

According to her husband’s promise, after her death, she talked with researchers about her special ability. Thereafter, one of the staff at the University of Edinburgh confirmed that Joy could actually “digest” the disease. He had to tear 12 tees, of which six had been in Parkinson’s disease. Joy felt the musk silk at all of the six men’s tees, but he recognized it as an unmarked t-shirt.

Then she learned that Parkinson’s disease was later diagnosed with the owner of the latter t-shirt.

Researchers found 10 molecules that only feature in Parkinson’s disease patients. They are concentrated on the skin.

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