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Híradó.hu: The Scientologist Center was closed by NAV Other 

Híradó.hu: The Scientologist Center was closed by NAV

The National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) of the Scientologists on Váci út was closed by the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV), according to the Híradó.hu newspaper on Tuesday afternoon.

As they recalled, the staff of the National Investigation Office (NNI) were investigated in October last year by the Scientologists XIII. (NAIH) has received multiple complaints from individuals who were formerly members of the “Church” or otherwise linked to a “sectarian grouping” as an official church.
The NYI is investigating an unknown actor for personal data misuse and suspicion of other crimes.
Híradó.hu got into the building on Váci Street, in Budapest, and there, as it was written, was offered by “Híradó.hu”, which is why NAIH is investigating: “the questionnaire questionnaire in which it is being studied, how much filler needs the Guardianship of Scientology “.
According to press reports, authorities suspect the methods by which Scientologists collect information about their members, collect personal information, and how they are stored, law-abusers, and give serious abuse.
Scientologists evaluate the police action as an attack on religious freedom – they wrote.
Híradó.hu was looking for NAV, why it was necessary to close the office building and what this was in connection with the investigation of Scientologists. The tax authority replied that “we can not provide information on the details of ongoing procedures”, read this article.

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