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It has officially received notification of the quota quota from Hungary European Union 

It has officially received notification of the quota quota from Hungary

     The European Commission’s letter of formal notice to the Ministry of Justice (IM) has officially arrived at the fact that the panel initiates proceedings before the European Court of Justice against Hungary for rejecting a decision on EU refugee quotas, the Ministry told MTI.

    Prior to the initiation of the infringement procedure, Hungary and Slovakia launched an action for annulment in December 2015 on the basis of the relevant Article of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union against the decision of the European Council on the transfer of asylum seekers adopted in September of this year, on 6 September last year he also maintained the decision.
    The European Commission filed and conducted the infringement proceedings before the court’s decision to reject it. Accordingly, he sent a formal request on June 15, to which the Hungarian Government sent its response on 13 July. On 26 July, the committee also provided a four-week deadline, sending a reasoned opinion to which the Hungarian Government had to send its response by 23 August.
    From the point of view of deadlines, it is important that this accelerated procedural process against which the Hungarian Government has objected in both of its responses was the only reason why the committee could declare the infringement procedure under Article 30 completed before the expiry date of the transfer decision, that is, , since it would merely be able to argue before the court in failing to do so.
    Last December, the four Visegrád countries offered solidarity support of more than 36 million euros, aimed at strengthening the Libyan border protection.

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