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The Netherlands officially recalls its ambassador to Turkey       Big World 

The Netherlands officially recalls its ambassador to Turkey    

The Netherlands will officially call back an accredited ambassador to Ankara, who has been unable to perform his duties at Ankara’s station since March 2017, the Dutch Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

According to the ministry’s statement, as long as the Dutch ambassador can not return to his station, the Netherlands will not give permission for the new Turkish ambassador accredited to The Hague to hand over his credentials.
Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra stated that the two countries had many bilateral talks, but the discussions did not resolve the normalization of relations. He added that the government decision on the recall of the ambassador was transmitted through the accredited Turkish attorney in The Hague.
The Netherlands and Turkey made a diplomatic dispute in March last year that the Dutch authorities did not allow two Turkish ministers to participate in Rotterdam’s participation in the presidential campaign on the April 16 Turkish referendum. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the Dutch government a Nazi remnant and a fascist, and he was told by the Dutch Ambassador to Ankara that he would not go back to Turkey for a while.

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