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Hubble Space Telescope’s new gyro has deteriorated Other 

Hubble Space Telescope’s new gyro has deteriorated

A new gyroscope has degenerated into the Hubble Space Telescope, so while scientists find a solution to the problem, the spacecraft operates in reserve mode.

The most important tools of the space telescope include gyroscopes, which stabilize and modify their path, enabling their scientific work to be performed.
The Hubble Space Telescope, released in 1990, has been equipped with six gyroscopes, but only three of them have been running for some time, and another has deteriorated on Friday – BBC News reported on Monday.
This is why a group of scientists controlling Hubble’s work is set to go into security mode until they are looking for a solution to the problem. The Hubble mission’s deputy head of state, Rachel Osten, in his Twitter message, wrote that due to the mistake they are going to have a stressful weekend, they are working to bring the last broken gyro to life, but it’s not easy.
In order for Hubble to work with optimum efficiency, you need three gyroscopes.
Osten reminded him that it was always meant that if two running gyroscopes were left, only one would work with Hubble. As he added, there is no big difference between the two and one gyroscopic operation, but in this way they can provide many additional observation times that the astronomical community has a huge need.
The space telescope is a very valuable resource for astronomers, and its observation time is heavily subordinated to the need for enormous resources.
Hubble has two types of gyros, three older and three more, the latter have a five-fold lifetime. Older gyroscopes had many problems for many years, and the gyroscope gyro was the latest one.
However, when they wanted to start another one of the new ones instead of the broken one, it did not work properly. The group hopes to be able to reactivate, but there is no guarantee.
The controllers now have to decide whether to operate the Hubble with two giroscopes, and if one of them fails, whether it works one or only one, and when it fails, it will turn the last one off.
In a Twitter message by Osten, he said: The error was not unexpected, they knew it was going to happen, and the gyroscope had been working for six months before.
Hubble’s location in 2021 was taken over by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which was completed in 2016. The Space Telescope named after NASA’s first director, James Web, will observe the objects of the Solar System for about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth and will shoot for about 5-10 years. Your performance will be 100 times larger than the Hubble Space Telescope.

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