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Nerve damage caused by poisoning United Kingdom 

Nerve damage caused by poisoning

The British Interior Minister said that “very rare” neurons caused poisonings in Salisbury, southwestern England.

Amber Rudd on BBC radio said on Thursday that the first officer on the scene, who was also transported to the local hospital with severe poisoning symptoms, is already communicating with his environment, but his condition is still severe.

Rudd, according to official statements, has still refused to disclose exactly what drug involved in the poisoning attack, the two targets of which are unanimous British press reports, according to the 66-year-old Sergei Skripal, British Foreign Intelligence (MI6) Russian military agent Russian military intelligence a colonel who settled in Britain during a Russian-American exchange visit in 2010 and his 33-year-old daughter, Julia Szkripal.
The interior minister, however, has betrayed that he is a “very rare” nerve drug agent.

According to a BBC expert Thursday’s statement, it is not a searing issue – chemical weapons containing such material have been alleged by human rights organizations that government-led forces in recent years in the Syrian civil war have been used by the executives of a chemical attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, , and not VX on the nausea with which the study said Kim Jong Un North Korean leader half-brother was murdered last year in Malaysia.
BBC sources said the use of a rare, more difficult-to-read neuroscience than these drugs was being used by executives in the Salisbury city Sunday suicide attempt.

Asked whether if evidence was available to Russia on whether the British government would be prepared to take measures against Moscow, the British Interior Minister said in a BBC interview Thursday that if the British authorities had gathered all the evidence that “what was happening at all” , they will “name someone” as responsible for the incident, “if they find it appropriate.”
Amber Rudd stressed that in this case “cold head” should be taken, “relying on facts instead of rumors.”

Mark Rowley, the commander of the Scotland Yard Counter-Terrorism Service, officially announced on Wednesday evening in London’s London press conference that the police handle the incident as a homicidal murder attempt. Rowley said the two victims are still in a state of crisis, and the poisoned policeman is also in serious condition.

The head of the terrorist service also stated that experts had identified the active substance, but he did not give any further information about the exact nature of it – besides being a neuroscientist.

Police said in a BBC interview Thursday that Amber Rudd had been told by the Scotland Yard’s terrorist department that the policeman was not in need of intensive care, relationship with and talking with people around him. “However, this does not mean that his condition is not serious, he is still in serious condition, the whole situation is serious,” said the British Interior Minister.

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