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Illegal Immigration – Council of Europe grants EUR 1 million to Bosnia for migrant placement European Union 

Illegal Immigration – Council of Europe grants EUR 1 million to Bosnia for migrant placement

The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) grants EUR 1 million of non-refundable support to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the placement of migrants – the local press reported on Wednesday.

The document was signed in Sarajevo by the CEB, Rosa María Sánchez-Yebra Alonso, vice-president and Peter Van der Auweraert, the Bosnian International Coordinator of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).
The amount spent is spent on renovating a barrier from Sarajevo, not far from Sarajevo, which will function as a reception center in the future. The central government in Bosnia and Herzegovina has previously decided on this.
According to Samir Rizvo, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Security, there is no problem with the local government regarding the placement of migrants. He noted, however, that in all cantons of Una-Sanana bordering Croatia, all districts refused to establish a temporary refugee center.
According to police figures, more than 9,000 migrants have been sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina since the beginning of the year, and currently there are four and a half thousand in the country. Most of them are in the Una-Sanana Canton, near Bihac, in different parks and ruined buildings. Illegal immigrants want to get to Western Europe, but because of the tightened Croatian border protection they can not go any further, so it is not excluded that they can wait in autumn in Bosnia. And the state does not have the money to provide shelter and care for migrants’ slopes – Bosnian papers have been written. This includes the fact that the Czech Republic announced on Tuesday that it will provide Bosnia and Herzegovina with 25 million crown grants for curbing illegal migration.
The leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina headed to Sarajevo on Tuesday to find solutions to migration problems, but they have not succeeded yet.
Mladen Ivanic, a Serbian member of the state presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, told reporters after the meeting that the current migration wave could seriously jeopardize the country’s stability. In its view, the borders between Serbia and Montenegro, from which the migrants arrive, must be closed.
“Control of borders is the only solution to the problem,” Ivanic said. He added that on August 1, the State Council will meet and try to decide on the measures to be taken as soon as possible. He believed that the country was in such a position because others were more strictly defending their borders, and that should have been done by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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