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Illegal immigration – The Italian head of state has signed new migration measures European Union 

Illegal immigration – The Italian head of state has signed new migration measures

Italian Prime Minister Sergio Mattarella signed a migration security package set by the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, which tightens the conditions for refugee applications – the Italian press reported on Friday.

Sergio Mattarella, at the time of signature, sent a letter to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, reminding him of the Rome government’s obligations under the Italian constitution. The Head of State stressed that, accordingly, Italy should respect international conventions on the rights of foreign nationals and persecuted persons.
Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, welcomed the Presidential Signature. Salvini stated: “we respect the conventions, the constitution and the international treaties, but we do not want to be suckers”. The Italian government’s politician suggested that migration security measures should end the previous practice that some immigrants arriving in Italy were almost automatically asylum-seekers.
The legislative package in the next step is voted by the Italian parliament, where the government has a majority.
According to the package of measures known as the Salvini regulation, Italy continues to provide international asylum for refugees from war or other persecution whose applications are being investigated. The Regulation affects humanitarian refugees for so far other reasons as well. 26 percent of the people arriving in Italy almost automatically received instant humanitarian asylum without any control and, consequently, residence permits. This was temporary, but in the majority of cases it was prolonged. Under Italian law, most people in Africa who came across the sea assumed that they were entitled to asylum. Earlier, Matteo Salvini stated that 7 percent of arrivals are actually “real” refugees. The Regulation therefore specifies precisely where, after arriving in Italy, a person may apply for asylum for humanitarian reasons. The Regulation lists six points: it may request such status as a victim of exploitation, trafficking in human beings, domestic violence, a natural disaster, medical treatment or other status as a human and social cause by the Italian authorities.
Those arriving in Italy will be arrested for 180 days instead of the current 90 days in the registration centers for more accurate identification. If someone gets shelter and commits a crime and condemns them at first instance, loses their asylum and is sentenced to expulsion. They also lose their asylum and expel the immigrant if the authorities consider it dangerous. The Italian citizen who is accused of terrorism is deprived of his nationality.
National security measures included in the package will, among other things, tighten the conditions for renting vans and lorries, and introduce the use of electric shock weapons by the authorities of every 100,000 cities in Italy.

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