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Illegal immigration – Brussels is threatening visa restrictions for countries refusing the readmission of rejected asylum seekers         European Union 

Illegal immigration – Brussels is threatening visa restrictions for countries refusing the readmission of rejected asylum seekers     

The Brussels European Commission (EB) threatens to tighten visa restrictions and limits the countries of origin that have refused the readmission of rejected asylum seekers, and has been successful in Bangladesh, “wrote German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

With the pressure from Brussels, the Bangladeshi leadership has undertaken to abide by the rules on rejected asylum seekers who would go home to Bangladesh. The South Asian country is the first in which the committee has successfully applied pressure on visa policy.
The situation in Bangladesh is important because it is one of the largest groups of asylum seekers arriving from the North African Libya via the Mediterranean via the EU migration route.
According to Welt am Sonntag, Brussels has started negotiations with a number of other countries, including African states. The representatives of the committee in these discussions make it clear that the elite of the country can expect very slow administration and other difficulties in EU visa applications if they do not recapture their non-defense citizens from the EU.
In German politics, they welcome the EC’s ambition. In the leading section of the countries concerned, it is necessary to realize that “the Munich shopping tour is far behind and the children can not study at the University of Heidelberg if they do not accept rejected asylum seekers”, said Armin Schuster, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Christian Democrat Union (CDU) is one of the leading security policy makers.
The Bavarian Federal Minister for Home Joachim Herrmann added that visa policy is a very important tool to strengthen the willingness of the decision-makers in the countries of origin to return the rejected asylum seekers.
According to Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, one of the most well-known politicians of the Liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), a coalition negotiating with the CDU / CSU and the Greens, is also a useful tool for pressure exertion and cooperation with international organizations as “third world countries are EU they need to support them when they want to put their people in the UN, “said the FDP Presidency member.
“Why should we help this country if it does not help us in another area?” he said.
In Germany, one of the biggest problems in asylum cases is the return of rejected asylum seekers. The aspirations of the Merkel government have not yet come to fruition, and the number of rejected asylum seekers returning to their home countries is declining. By the end of September this year, 24 569 people returned home, and 18 153 rejected asylum seekers returned home in voluntary return programs with re-start assistance. This is about 43,000, compared to 64,000 registered in the same period of 2016.
The number of asylum seekers who are due to leave, but still in Germany, is rising, currently around 230,000. The list of frequencies that prevent hijacking is ranked first in the absence of valid travel documents. The reason for this is typically that the authorities of the country of origin do not cooperate with the German authorities, Welt am Sonntag pointed out. They have added that there are many reasons why a country can not take back the EU citizens who have been rejected, others that the emigrants relocate much more money than they receive from the West as an aid for international development cooperation.

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