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Illegal Immigration – Fidesz: Brussels to facilitate and accelerate the reunification of migrants           European Union Big World 

Illegal Immigration – Fidesz: Brussels to facilitate and accelerate the reunification of migrants        

Brussels would facilitate and accelerate the reunification of migrants in order to implement György Soros’ business plan “annually to install one million immigrants per year in Europe,” the Fidesz deputy chief of staff announced on Sunday’s Budapest press conference.

Szilárd Németh recalled that the European Parliament (EP) Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs voted on Thursday a reform draft of the Dublin regulation on a common EU asylum system aimed at speeding up the asylum application process and on a more balanced sharing of responsibility among Member States on asylum applications. The acceleration of the implementation of the “Serial Plan” was also made by Péter Niedermüller, politician of the Democratic Coalition, “he noted.
The deputy faction leader called the proposal extremely outrageous and idle because he did not deal with how to stop illegal immigration and defend the European cultural heritage, but by installing as many migrants as possible on the continent as quickly as possible.
According to the draft reform, for family reunification, contrary to European practice, there should be no justification, but it would be “on a placement basis” and would refer not only to direct, but side-by-side relatives. Those who are already in Europe can tell who their relatives are still waiting for. With this extension of the possibility, up to 30 groups can register themselves, said Szilárd Németh.
He stressed that this is a Commission decision that goes hand in hand with the EU legislative process: first for the plenary session – where György Soros has more than two hundred people – and then decided by the European Council.


The document clearly states the need for a permanent quota with no headcount and a mandatory introduction quota, the deputy head of division said. While this was rejected by the Hungarians by more than 98 per cent majority in a referendum, “a new unity was created”. He added that the quota was denied by the entire Hungarian opposition, from the left to the Jobbik.
According to him, in the National Security Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, secret services have been informed in open reports for two years now that a further eight to ten refugees will be expected after a single refugee arriving in Hungary. With the currently proposed relief, this figure could rise to twenty to thirty, and if we include the mandatory quota, more than a million immigrants will arrive each year in Europe – Szilárd Németh said.
He said that this is totally unacceptable, just as the behavior of the Hungarian opposition, which, according to his words, accepted the proposal without criticism.
He said that people’s opinions on this issue should also be heard, which is the purpose of the national consultation. It is not the task of the Hungarian parliament to fulfill the pressure of Brussels, but to guarantee the security and sovereignty of the country in serving Hungarian interests, “she said.
According to his statement, the sad factuality of the case was that two weeks after the outbreak of the 1956 Revolution and War of Independence, the composition of the Hungarian government was dictated by Moscow. They do not dictate from there, but from Brussels, which is outrageous – he stressed.



The journalist commented that, according to some research, the current national consultation did not bind the electorate, the faction leader said “wait for the end”. He personally feels there is interest.
Another journalist recalled that former Foreign Minister Géza Jeszenszky had sharply criticized the government in an interview. Szilárd Németh replied that “all these MDF politicians with levitation” are looking for their place and “say what they need”. It’s obviously like playing from Gyurcsány’s score, “he added. He announced that he shared the opinion of the German Fidesz MEP, Tamás Deutsch, that Géza Jeszenszky is “in a state of political destabilization”.
In answering a question on another subject, he emphasized that in Fidesz he always rejected all forms of violence. They worked in this spirit even when they tightened the criminal code, as opposed to the opposition that did not vote for the law. He said that they would wait for the end of reports of sexual violence, of individual cases. He noted that he had just submitted a law bill so that no one else who was condemned for harassment could be arrested by children.
The deputy faction leader said that he was right to consider adjusting the pension premium due in November to the basic pension. Also, he thinks it is a good idea that pensioners are expected to receive ten thousand forints this year to make Christmas holidays easier.

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