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Illegal Immigration – Tamás Menczer: The UN migration package poses an extreme threat European Union 

Illegal Immigration – Tamás Menczer: The UN migration package poses an extreme threat

The current UN migration package can be considered as an African migration package because it represents African interests, but the European interests are not revealed by the State Secretary for Information and Foreign Affairs at the M1 current channel on Friday.

Concerning the wrapping of the package in New York on Friday, Tamás Menczer said that the government is fighting for the Hungarian position to appear in the final text. But the Hungarian government does not support the change of the population of the different countries, because “we want Hungary and European Europe,” he added.
He said that in its present form, the package presents migration as a desirable and supportive measure, and considers it an appropriate response to demographic and labor market challenges. It also states that there is no distinction between local people and migrants in individual states, that is, between Hungary and the migrants in Hungary.
This is unacceptable to the government, so in the world organization, Hungary opposes the adoption of the current text of the migration package – emphasized the state secretary.
Tamás Menczer also pointed out that Ukraine’s obligations in international treaties were violated by a law restricting the possibility of teaching minorities in their mother tongue.
Therefore, Hungary does not support the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine until the abolition of the abolition. This is not a bilateral Hungarian-Ukrainian affair but an international issue, “he noted.
Commenting on the NATO Summit, Tamás Menczer on the radio program of Kossuth in 180 minutes emphasized that security for Hungary is the most important issue. However, security is not self-evident when, in the last three years, 29 terrorist attacks have been committed in Europe by migrant background terrorists, causing hundreds of European deaths.
The Hungarian government also does for security, as it has undertaken to increase defense spending by 2% of GDP by 2024, and even under the military reform, Hungary could reach that rate earlier, “said the State Secretary.

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