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llegal Immigration – Italian Minister of the Interior: Stopping migration has gone into life European Union 

llegal Immigration – Italian Minister of the Interior: Stopping migration has gone into life

We are not pursuing a murderous migration policy – Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini dismissed the pro-Spanish Armed Forces (NGO) Proactiva Open Arms, saying that preventing the Mediterranean rescue from leading the Italian government leads to the deaths of migrants.

Matteo Salvini has called “some foreign NGOs” a lie and a slander in the community entry. The Interior Minister stressed that NGO accusations show Italy has a good migration policy: “By stopping the arrivals and arrivals, the number of dead and the income of illegal immigrants is decreasing”.
Salvini continued to insist on the strict migration policy and the closure of Italian ports, which does not mean the lack of solidarity, according to the head of the Italian Ministry of Interior Affairs. “I never said that we do not have to save lives,” wrote Matteo Salvini.
Matteo Salvini replied to Proactiva’s Open Arms recordings on the Internet. Oscar Camps, a leading NGO, reported that the Libyan Coast Guard’s boat in Libyan waters had 158 migrants on board a rubber boat. However, two women and one child did not want to take over, so the Libyan Coast Guard sank the tire with these three men whose NGO ship hastened to help. One woman – a mother and her child – was lost in the sea. Oscar Camps called the Libyan Coast Guard “hired as a hostage from Italy”.
Matteo Salvini replied that two Proactiva Opens Arms vessels, Opens Arms and Astral, currently in the SAR search and assistance zone known as SAR, “can only see Italy as a postcard,” as it does not allow them to land in Italy.
Last time, 450 migrants arrived in the port of Pozzallo, Sicily, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte allowed. According to analysts, Conte and the ruling party Five Star Movement (M5S) want to take over the migration policy that has until now been headed by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Salvini’s strict policy multiplied her party’s support for the League.
Giuseppe Conte initiated the distribution of immigrants coming from EU Member States on a voluntary basis instead of closing Italian ports. The question is whether this will be a viable path for the next migrant group. The Italian government calls for the dispersion of arrivals between the Mediterranean EU countries, but this has not been the case in recent years: Malta, Spain and France have not admitted migrants who are almost almost exclusively heading for the Italian coasts.
The Italian authorities have not yet informed the principle of allocating around 450 migrants in the current Pozzallo registration center. Some of them are Syrian and Eritreans who can count on refugees, but the Algerians in the group, Egyptians, are not eligible for this.
Among the migrants, 11 people were detained, according to authorities they are human smugglers who brought migrants to Italian waters on a fishing boat.

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