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Illegal immigration – ET calls on Croatia to stop violent measures against migrants European Union 

Illegal immigration – ET calls on Croatia to stop violent measures against migrants

Dunja Mijatovic, Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe (HR), sent a letter to Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Friday asking Croatia to stop the violent measures against the migrants and the collective redundancies that have long been demanded from Zagreb by domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations NGO, “said the local press.

“I call upon the Croatian authorities to instigate an effective and independent investigation of the violent acts of collective redundancies and violent acts against migrants, as well as other crimes, such as theft, and do everything to stop them and prevent them,” Mijatovic wrote. He called on the Croatian authorities to ensure that all those who apply for refugee status provide a fair and effective procedure for the authorities.
The Commissioner explained that he was aware of the challenges Croatia faced, but efforts to manage migration should be in line with the rule of law and mandatory international law.
Organizations helping migrants accuse the Croatian authorities of treating inhumanely the migrants in the Middle East who want to travel to the richer Western European countries through Croatia. Zagreb rejects these accusations, saying it is one of the most educated police in Europe and professionally protects the Croatian border and also the external border of the European Union. In the context of the Croatian press, opinions emerged that the Human Rights Commissioner believes in the “consistent and substantiated” information of the non-governmental sector more than the Croatian government.
According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), from the beginning of 2018, 2500 migrants have been displaced from the country. 1,500 of them claimed that the authorities did not provide them with an asylum application, and 700 said they had been abused, they took their money and their cell phones.
Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic earlier said that the Croatian police act according to the law. “The laws are such that the police protect the borders against migration. This is not just Croatian law, this is a Schengen requirement,” said Bozinovic.
Over the last three years, more than a million illegal immigrants arrived in Western Europe, most of them by March 2016 when they uncontrolled through the countries on the Western Balkans. Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia currently only allow those who have a passport and visa in accordance with the law or want to seek refuge.

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