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Such minerals have not yet been found on Earth Scotland 

Such minerals have not yet been found on Earth

Mineral minerals were found on Scotland’s Skye Island. A 60-million-year-old meteorite impact on Earth could come to an end.

The geologists at the University of London originally wanted to study volcanic rocks on the island when they came across extremely special minerals. The results are presented in the journal GeoScienceWorld.

During the research, scientists studied a 1 meter thick layer of 60 million years of lava flow with an electron microscope. Using this technique, the samples are bombarded with electrons that release X-rays. By analyzing X-rays released, researchers found that the stones studied contain special minerals from outer space.

The mysterious mineral is actually vanadium and niobium rich in osborn, which so far only in the dust emitted by 81P / Wild 2 comets could be detected by NASA researchers. The osborn was not melted, which means it was originally a meteorite piece. Other minerals referring to the impact were also discovered at the site and in the area of 7 kilometers.

According to experts, the impact may have had an impact on volcanic activity, but they do not yet have any evidence for this. The region now being explored is otherwise difficult to access, which has prevented previous sampling.

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