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Accounting for start-ups in English

Accounting for start-ups in English

In England, all activities must be registered separately.

If you want to become a private entrepreneur, you need to complete the form on our Self Employed registration page,

which is available at the following link: Self Employed Registration

If you want to start a business in England, you can start by clicking on the following link: English Starting a company.

We offer:
Start Folder / folder included


Unlimited Skype or Personal Consultation

Paye registration
Gowernment Gateway Registration
Corporation Tax Registration

Annual Account (balance sheet, profit and loss statement at the end of the tax year)
Corporation Tax Declaration (CT600 Corporate Tax Return to HMRC)
Confirmation Statement
Monthly Accounting Fees:

All Outbound and Inbound Accounts must be between 0 and 60 in the tax year *

For 1 person in the tax year
Enterprise Promotion Gifts:

Starting package
Start Folder / Folder Fee: 490 pounds / year

* The number of invoices is the total of Outgoing and Inbound Accounts. If the number of invoices exceeds the number specified in the folder, each + invoice will be charged at £ 0.50 per item. In the case of the 20 invoices over 3 months, a larger tariff plan will be required, from which the price of the previous tariff plan will be credited upward (within one tax year).

To order, click and fill in the “Accounting Contract for Beginning Businesses” page and click on the “Client Gate” (right side in the menu) link to register an account with the company’s details. By clicking on the “Shop” button in the finished account (in the header, in the upper left), you will be able to settle the ordering fee for your order by PayPal or Bank transfer to Simfalogic Corporation.

Once the payment arrives, the registration process will be started and information will be sent on each additional step.