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The rise of EU money has become commonplace European Union 

The rise of EU money has become commonplace

According to the Democratic Coalition (DK), the outflow of EU funds has become more industrialized, as is a recent recession.

Tibor Nagy-Huszein, the vice-president of the opposition party, said at a press conference in Budapest on Friday that the EU’s application for rural development had been canceled by the Prime Minister’s Office that half of the applications received were fraudulent.
According to DK’s politician, this government has crossed a limit, since it has punished the offender and sanction of the fraudsters at least 7,000 decent candidates, of whom more than a thousand could receive a total of 13.8 billion forints.
Tibor Nagy-Huszein said, “The case also stems from the fact that the practice of expropriating EU funds from the leaders of the country has also sparked on smaller businesses.
In answer to questions, Vice President DK called it a lie in press reports that one of the main tasks of the school cooperatives associated with Csaba Czeglédy was DK party work and flyers. Tibor Nagy-Huszein emphasized that the co-operatives did not support their party organically, but it can not be ruled out that the people working there had been spotted by their countrymen as private persons. The DK campaign was supported by pensioners, but it can not be said that the pension liquidator would help the party – it was illustrated.

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