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Newly wrecked pedestrians in London are injured United Kingdom 

Newly wrecked pedestrians in London are injured

     A van wandered into a pedestrian hatchback Monday morning at the British capital, in the northern part of London, injured, authorities announced shortly after midnight.

    According to the information, the case was at Seven Sisters Road, passing through Finsbury Park.
    The Sun newspaper knows that the vehicle is driven to a crowd leaving the nearby mosque.
    The London police reported that many people were first aided at the scene. One man was arrested.
    According to the Reuters news agency, a man was taken away by ambulance. Several policemen and ambulances were waiting.
    The Sky News television station quoted witnesses as saying that at least ten people had been thrown away. The BBC newscast is known for three serious injuries.
    Two weeks ago, on the 4th of June, a pickup truck was driven by a van in downtown London on the London Bridge, and the attackers attacked people on the nearby market at Borough Market. Eight died, nearly fifty injured. Police officers killed three extremists.

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