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Again, blue will be a British passport     Scotland United Kingdom 

Again, blue will be a British passport  

Britain, after EU membership expires, reaffirms the traditional Blue British passport instead of the current borderline. According to the British Ministry of Interior’s Friday announcement, the blue British passport will be released again from October 2019.

An inscription on the European Union, on which the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is, and then the official coat of arms of the British Royal House.
According to the information provided by the Ministry of Interior on Friday, March 2019 will cancel the new passports on the expected date of expiry of the UK membership in 2019, but the new travel documents issued will be still bordering. The British Government will produce a new contract with the manufacturer after a blue-hull luggage production after just one exit.
In Great Britain, since 1988, cross-border passports have been issued on the guidelines of the then European Economic Community, but this was never a requirement – color harmonization was merely recommended to facilitate intra-community travel and travel checks.
London did not enter the EU’s internal border control system, but in the UK there is no identity card, so the passport is still a British citizen’s primary travel document for intra-EU travel.
The first blue British passports were issued in 1921, the last in 2003.
Brandon Lewis, Secretary of State for Immigration at the British Ministry of Internal Affairs, said on Friday that BBC radio said a re-extension of the blue passport is a sign of “leaving the European Union a unique opportunity to restore British national identity”.

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