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Again, they were throwing tomatoes at Merkel’s election gathering European Union Big World 

Again, they were throwing tomatoes at Merkel’s election gathering

They were throwing tomatoes again at an electoral gathering of Angela Merkel, on the occasion of the Friday event, the German Chancellor was found.

In the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania province of Wolgast, according to the information provided by the local police, roughly 150 counterparts appeared at Merkel’s right-center CDU election gathering site. The event was originally intended to be held in the open air, but because of the bad weather it was moved to a hall where counterfeiters could not enter. So they gathered at the entrance, beeping and shouting received the Chancellor’s convoy. Among the others, they rummaged “Get it!” And threw his car over tomato.
Two days earlier, in Heidelberg, the CDU was held in open court, so the protestors were able to defeat the chancellor himself. A tomato found it.
One of the features of the Bundestag election campaign on 24 September is that controversial Angela Merkel’s electoral assemblies are trying to disrupt it – a Die Welt newspaper said in a Friday analysis. The CDU and the Bavarian Brother Party, other leaders of the CSU, do not have such a thing.
Demonstrators primarily criticize Chancellor’s asylum policy, and their actions are likely to be coordinated. The General Secretary of the CDU Saxony Provincial Organization, Michael Kretschmer, told Die Welt: It is also true that counterparts follow the chancellor at a meeting-gathering, which is indicated by the fact that the same cars appear at different locations.
A loud protest at the CDU election rallies was a new phenomenon in Angela Merkel’s party presidency in 2000. Earlier, however, the fierce clash was everyday, in the sixties, seventies and eighties the campaigns were “much stricter,” said Die Welt, former chairman of CSU, Erwin Huber.
He pointed out that while long ago leftist against the CDU / CSU, they are now demonstrating the sympathizers of the forces of the right wing of the party alliance.
He recalled: Unlike the other chancellor candidates, they did not take the glove once. For example, the chancellor of the 1980s, the CSU Franz Josef Strauss rats and the propaganda minister of the Nazi regime called Joseph Goebbels the best disciples of his counterparts and told his speeches to protect the umbrellas held by bodyguards so that they could not find the tomatoes and eggs.
Chancellor Helmut Kohl was not always fine, and at the beginning of the 1990s, security personnel had to catch up at an event because he wanted to spoil the protestors who had been thrown away with eggs.
Angela Merkel usually does not respond, but makes a few ironic notes and speaks louder than usual. According to Erwin Huber, this is a good strategy. Merkel has personally contributed greatly to the persistence of such scenes in election campaigns for so long, so it has an “exemplary function” and a “very negative” echo when it starts to “repatriate” the protesters – said CSU politician.
Die Welt added that Merkel’s behavior was also heavily influenced by the fact that he grew up in the dictatorship in the GDR, thus keeping the freedom of expression and assembly among the most important values. In many of his statements and interviews, he also said that protests should “live together, because this is democracy”.

On Wednesday in Torgau, Saxony, where there were a lot of counterparts in his meeting, he said he had received representatives of the Venezuelan opposition on that day. He added, “They would be very happy” if they could express their opinions as freely as Torgau demonstrators.
The Chancellor said on Friday, at the press conference in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, that he had criticized the Alternative Germany (AfD) party to the right of the CDU / CSU for disruption of its meetings, according to news reports. As you said, it is a shame that AfD believes that the affairs of Germany can be pushed and shouted.

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