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Once again, Piccadilly’s famous light advertising glows        United Kingdom 

Once again, Piccadilly’s famous light advertising glows     

After ten months, one of London’s most famous spectacles, the Piccadilly Circus, once again flooded with light, whose house-size advertising was completely refurbished by the operating company.

The owner of Land Securities, a multi-storey advertising space that flooded the central area of the British capital for 109 years, started the dismantling of a six-panel luminaire in January, and the ultra-high resolution digital new light board, built into its place, officially on Thursday.
For such a long time, Since the Second World War, Piccadilly Circus has not become the major tourist attraction ever since 1908. In 1939, light-advertising was switched off in 1939, according to the general darkening imposed by the threat of war, and was only relocated after ten years, in 1949, given the severe economic austerity that had persisted for years after the war.
Since then, Piccadilly’s advertising lights have been sleeping for only a few hours after the end of the late burial of Sir William Winston Churchill on the day of the burial of the deceased in 1965 and the first wife of Princess Diana, who was the victim of a car accident in Paris in 1997 in Paris. In November last year, a power outage triggered the lights that signaled the boundaries of the Soho vigilance quarter, but the technical error was resolved in a few hours.
Coca-Cola, the oldest charter of world-renowned advertising space, has been promoting its products on Piccadilly for 63 years. The UK department said that it had rented a permanent place on the new billboard as well.
Experts Piccadilly Circus is considered one of the best outdoor advertising location in the world, given the fact that the day and night busy area of 100 million people estimated to occur in a year.
The new dashboard is also suitable for live video streaming of high-profile events besides commercials, but also weather data and sports scores can be displayed on it.

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