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Again, more than a hundred people were issued an arrest warrant        Big World 

Again, more than a hundred people were issued an arrest warrant     

More than 109 people have been arrested on Wednesday throughout Turkey, with suspicion that those involved are in contact with the Gülenist network responsible for the coup attempt of 15 July 2016, said Anadolu, a Turkish state news agency.

Among the suspects there are a total of 11 former employees of the Ministry of Family and Economy, as well as 43 soldiers currently serving the force. The identity of the others was not detailed by Anadolu.
Fethullah Gülen, a Muslim leader in the United States, is accountable to the international movement of Muslim denominators in the United States for the power takeover incident. According to the official view, the members of the network declared to be terrorist have been deliberately leaked over the years to the state sphere, including the armed forces.
Former ministry employees allegedly used the ByLock encrypted messaging program, which, according to the Turkish leadership, also organized a 2016 coup attempt. Arrest warrants against soldiers were issued on the basis of testimonies of formerly detained members of the Gülenist movement.
Ankara has introduced an emergency after the coup attempt, in which the government can issue statutory regulations. In Turkey, during the past 22 months, at least 111,000 public employees have been suspended and 38,000 have been suspended from work, more than 159,000 were detained, and 48,000 were arrested for suspicion of being involved in the Gülen network and, conspiracy. Regular purges do not directly affect the participants of the military coup attempt, but also the supposed members and supporters of the movement.
Many leading politicians in the European Union believe that the Turkish response to the attempt to take power is exaggerated and the country is increasingly moving away from European values.

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