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Islamic State – Americans do not confirm the death of the leader of the terrorist organization United States Of America 

Islamic State – Americans do not confirm the death of the leader of the terrorist organization

US Supreme Commander Stephen Townsend, leader of the Islamic State’s anti-terrorist coalition, has not confirmed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State, has died, according to a Syrian emigrant organization on Tuesday.

Lieutenant Lieutenant in Iraq, who talked to journalists on video footage, nevertheless emphasized that there was no reliable information that the terrorist leader would be alive.
Stephen Townsend responded that the Syrian Emigrant Organization of the Syrian People’s Rights (OSDH), based in London, had previously said “there are reliable information about al-Baghdad’s death.”
The Lieutenant Commander stressed, “Despite all the helpful reports, I can neither confirm nor deny that al-Baghdad is alive or dead. Let me just say that my greatest hope is that the latter news should be true.” The spokesperson of the US Department of Defense also said that he did not have any information to support al-Baghdadi’s death news.
Al-Baghdad’s death was not the first time news, but they have never been confirmed by credibility. On Tuesday, not only the Syrian emigrant organization announced the death toll, but also a Russian news agency. RIA Novostii quoted an Iraqi news portal, which, referring to a statement given to the Islamic State, announced the news of the terrorist leader’s death.
Al-Baghdad was born in Iraq, originally known as Ibrahim Abad as-Samarrai, and was born in Baghdad, a radical Muslim denominator in Baghdad. In 2003, he joined the group of rebels in the year of Iraq’s detachment and then fell into captivity by the Americans. He was released a year later in 2004, in the belief that he was a civil activist rather than a military threat. In July 2014, Al-Baghdad invoked the world’s attention: the Moslem-An-Nouri Mosque proclaimed the “caliphate” of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State.

Source: MTI / Image: Wikimedia Commons /

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