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Israel has allowed Palestinians to introduce 3G mobile Internet in the West Bank Big World 

Israel has allowed Palestinians to introduce 3G mobile Internet in the West Bank

The Israeli authorities have allowed the Palestinians to introduce 3G mobile Internet services to enable faster data transfer in the West Bank, “said The Times of Israel, an Israeli website in English.

Israel has been postponing approval for security reasons for years and have not yet contributed to 3G in the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, two local companies, Vatanijas and Djavali will be able to subscribe to the new service by the end of the month.
Palestinians and settlers in the West Bank have so far been able to use only 3G or 4G services that they have paid for Israeli companies in the West Bank.
Palestinian companies first requested 3G frequencies and permits to import the necessary equipment from the Israeli authorities for the first time, but only now have access to the opportunity when most of the time in 4G technology in Israel and the developed world.
The blocking of high-speed mobile data so far has been justified by security reasons for Jerusalem, as it facilitates communication between Palestinian terrorists while reducing the possibility of Israeli surveillance.
According to World Bank data for 2016, Palestinian mobile service companies have lost more than $ 1 billion of potential income over the previous three years mainly due to Israeli restrictions. According to them, Israeli companies have plunged about thirty percent of potential customers of Palestinian companies with their 3G and 4G bids.
The licensing and the introduction of 3G, and thus better coverage of the sites, will not only benefit communication companies: it will benefit Palestinian taxi companies, help Internet banking and other services, and will create new jobs for Palestinians in the IT and telecommunications sector.

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