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Israel has proclaimed the construction of another hundreds of settlements in the West Bank Big World 

Israel has proclaimed the construction of another hundreds of settlements in the West Bank

Israel has proclaimed another hundreds of colonies in Israel a day after the armed conflict in the West Bank after the death toll – the internet version of the newspaper Háárec announced on Thursday.

The Israeli civilian administration, occupied in the West Bank, on Wednesday launched various steps to build hundreds of Israeli settlements, which will expand the West Bank sites in areas where Palestinians set up their own state in the framework of the two-state solution.
They agreed to build more than two hundred new homes in Oranit, more than fifty in Pecael, in the Jordan Valley, and also to expand the Ariel, Alfé Menase and other West Bank settlements.
Public authorities are expected to announce tenders for home construction, and construction will only start after the bidding process has been completed. The planning authorities have also decided to further develop the development of hundreds of residential units that were previously built in Kefar-Adumim and Givat-Zeev.
In 20107 civilian administration approved approximately three thousand homes in the West Bank settlement, but this was only followed by a few dozen real constructions because the other applications were suspended.
Two days ago, Defense Minister Avigdor Libermann said it would announce the construction of some 1,200 new residential units and additional 2,500 homes on Wednesday, in response to a Tuesday bombing that killed six of the six-year-old rabbi of the West Bank of Hajdas Gilad. The figure quoted by Liberman, according to Háárec, already includes hundreds of housing permits that have nothing to do with the planning authorities’ decision on Wednesday.
After Tuesday’s murder, Lieberman and the chairman of the Hague Habit Hajehudi (Jewish Home), Naftali Bennet, called for legalization and expansion of the abode of the slain rabbi, Havat Gilad, as illegal.

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