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In January, the XII. Budapest International Circus Festival Festival 

In January, the XII. Budapest International Circus Festival

The 126 artists from 15 countries in four continents show their productions in the Capital Circuit of Budapest from the 8th to the 14th of January, Within the framework of the Budapest International Circus Festival.

The 250th anniversary of the birth of contemporary circus art is celebrated throughout Europe and the international festival is celebrated for the first time by the Budapest Festival.
The opening ceremony of Philip Astley, the opening ceremony of the crowd, opened in London in 1768 as the first modern circus amphitheater. The founder later established 18 permanent circus in Europe. Astley’s horse production performed swords with swords, while riding one leg in the saddle, with his other foot in the horse’s head, rode the arena around. In the opening production of the Budapest Festival, the Golden Bohemian Richter Flórián and his son, Kevin, showcase a large-scale equestrian figure with his team.
According to the organizers’ earlier announcement, the Chinese National Acrobatic Troupe, the first Chinese national acrobatic troupe in this year’s A and B program, will be presenting the latest number of umbrellas representing the lotus flower, the Nomuna Mongol Nomads team with a springboard and a hand volga acrobat and Without Socks, Russian beetroot builds on novel, fresh performances based on the traditions of clowning.
Ethiopia comes with Ethiopia with the number of times Tom Brothers and hand volunteer acrobat numbers from Nova Africa, from Mexico with Duck Cardio, Argentine with bubble count Agustín Viglione, Latvia with dog and pigeon Andrejs Fjodorovs. From Cuba, the Chinese number of the Las Bellas Chicas team and the Duo Solys handstand, Uzbekistan, the Hametov Family’s stomping performance, Alex Bobylev’s clown number, Konstantin Gvozdetskiy’s strokes and Vodianik Yaroslavna’s air can be seen by the audience. Featuring the Brayan Gambit handstand number in the program, the Kalashnikov Brothers diabolo number, the Duo Feeling gurtnism and Stanislav Vysotskyi juggling, the Italian Los Bazan team handstand number, and the Polish illusionist production of Duo Supka Czech juggler and Rafal Walusz .
Eugene Chaplin will be chairing the international professional jury this year, and Fabrice Becker, director of production at Cirque du Soleil, Canada, will decide on the prizes; Paul Bernhard, director of the Austrian Roncalli Circus; Laszlo Endresz, director of the UK Blackpool Tower Circus, Elisa van der Meiden, German Stardust BV Presentatrice casting director; Ljudmila Shevchenko, director of the Ukrainian National Circus of Kiev and Sun Lili, creative director of the Chinese National Acrobat Group.
During the week, a number of accompanying programs are held in the capital. On the 8th of January, with a whole production of art, he debuted, for example, the rendering of Máté Hegymegi in the MACIVA Colony of Artists by the artists of the Maski Theater in Maski Cubed in Hungary at the Gobbi Hilda Stage of the National Theater on January 10th at Csárda Méhes and Brass in the Five shows off Direction Rio! and the next day, on the evening of the Várkert Varieté, magicians, comedians and artists entertain the stage. At the same time, the two student teams of the Kiev Artistic School, PlanSHET and the Quartet DEKRU, are also preparing a comic pantomime performance at the Bazaar. Lyrical Circus Late-Night Show will be held on 12 January in the capital city of Budapest on a modern, full-length show, and in Trafó, the French duo Cie Defracto will perform with a new circus performance on January 18 and 19.
A 250-year Circus, 250 meters of circus art, on 250 screens of a temporary exhibition, recalls the circus history of Europe in a tents set up before the capital’s stone circus. The tables are chronologically sequenced and focus on a memorable moment. The central element of the exhibition will be a 13 meter diameter maneuvra with a five-meter-high horse statue that will be encircled by a pipe jar. Here, various circus props are produced.
In addition, during the week of the festival, the European Circus Association (ECA) conference will be held, where renowned performers and circus art specialists will discuss the methods and possibilities of circus pedagogy on January 10 at Vajdahunyad Castle.
After the festival, the audience will be waiting for the audience by March 15, with the new program of the bestsellers of the band.


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