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An ice-filled crater was recorded on Mars by the ExoMars space probe Interesting Facts 

An ice-filled crater was recorded on Mars by the ExoMars space probe

An ice-filled crater was found on Marso’s ExoMars Russian-European expedition. The crater named Koroljov was shot by a space probe named Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO).

The probe made the image over the surface of the red planet at an altitude of 400 kilometers, showing the edge of the ice crater. The Korolov crater is located on the northern hemisphere of the planet, near the latitudes around the cusp. ExoMars is a joint mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Rosicrucian Russian Space Agency. In this context, TGO was fired in 2016. ExoMars is currently being built and its launch is planned for 2020.

ExoMars space probe came a few weeks ago to Mars. The camera system, the CaSSIS (Color and Stereo Surface Imaging System), was activated on March 20 and started its mission on 18 April. Manish Patel, British Open University researcher, member of the CaSSIS team, said: “The pictures CaSSIS has begun to send back are simply fantastic.”

According to the expert, the first photo marks the beginning of a great mission. “CaSSIS has demonstrated that it will produce many exciting images during the mission, and the project will be a major step forward in understanding Mars’s seasonal changes.”


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