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Significant economic losses calculated by the Scottish Government Scotland United Kingdom 

Significant economic losses calculated by the Scottish Government

Scotland can cause major damage to the economy of the expected withdrawal of the UK from the European Union on Tuesday described the Scottish Government’s analysis showed.

    The forecast says that in 2030 the Scottish Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 1.7 to 11.2 billion pounds a year will be lower because of the Brexin. 1.7 to 3.7 billion pounds in tax revenue will be reduced in accordance with expectations.
    The Scottish Prime Minister described it as clearly as possible the analysis shows how Scotland can suffer significant damage if “dragged” from the European Union and the single market. “The EU is abandoning not only in Scotland but in the UK as a whole will have profound and long-term effects of public expenditure, economic and social well-being, no matter how alternative” model replaces the membership – Nicola Sturgeon stressed.
    June referendum on British membership of the European Union, held 52 percent of the population voted for the withdrawal, 48 percent of us staying. In Scotland, however, 62 percent of the membership voted to maintain and only 38 per cent of elimination.
    After the referendum called Nicola Sturgeon is very likely that after 2014 once again held a referendum on Scotland’s independence because it does not accept that involuntarily “him out” by the European Union. However, he also pledged other ways will study how őrizhetné the country’s membership in the European Union.
     Theresa May, British Prime Minister said earlier, until then you will not be activated in the Lisbon Treaty clause 50 – which sets rules for the exit process and the activation can also start this process – until it develops negotiation set of objectives and strategies adopted by all the nations of the UK.

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