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Johnson: It is important for Moscow to understand the purpose of the intervention Big World United Kingdom 

Johnson: It is important for Moscow to understand the purpose of the intervention

According to the British Foreign Minister, it is very important to understand with Russia that current military action in the Western powers in Syria has been limited.

Boris Johnson, who was the guest of BBC television’s Sunday political magazine, did not answer the question of what communications had been with Moscow before the coordinated US-British-French air strike of the previous day, saying it could not divulge operational details to the public.

He also stated that the attacks on Syrian military installations did not aim at the Syrian regime change, and that the forces in the military action did not attempt to make a turn in the course of the Syrian conflict.

According to Johnson, the goal was to deliver the message that the erosion of taboo for the use of chemical weapons should be stopped – the erosion of Syria in years and the “psychological limits” of these weapons should be rebuilt.

According to the British Foreign Minister, the Geneva Convention banning the use of chemical weapons has been in force for almost a century and the United States, Great Britain and France have acted to enforce this ban.

Boris Johnson, however, stressed that only Russia could force President Bassar al-Assad to the negotiating table “and it would be great if he did this”.

Johnson also stated that there are no plans for further military intervention, and “Fortunately, the Assad regime did not commit the stupidity of re-chemical weapons.”

The British Foreign Minister has answered the question of what the Western powers would do if the Syrian regime were to do a chemical weapons attack, saying, in this case, “different options should be examined”.

Boris Johnson in the opinion of the Conservative Sunday British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph also justified the military action that, without action by the international community, the Assad regime would pursue the abolition of the global taboo on the use of chemical weapons and would have serious humanitarian consequences.

According to the British Foreign Minister, if the outside world were to see this, then other governments would see the impunity of Assad, and “I might ask if if (Assad) got away, then why not swim?”

Johnson also points out in the Telegraph article that, in the current tense relationship with Russia, it is important to understand that the participants in the Western Military Action currently conducted did not attempt to impede Russia’s strategic objectives in Syria, and that air strikes are not a major part of the Syrian escalation.

The same thing was outlined by Prime Minister Theresa May in the previous day’s press conference. May stated that the purpose of Western Allies’ action was not to intervene in the Syrian civil war, nor did the Syrian regime change have any purpose.

Harassment was limited, targeted and effective, by designating clear boundaries that specifically served to avoid escalation and to prevent civilian losses – emphasized the British Prime Minister.

Theresa May reports in detail on the military action in Syria in London on Monday.

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