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The Croatian national team has offered money for charitable purposes Sports 

The Croatian national team has offered money for charitable purposes

For the disadvantaged children, the final Croatian national football team has offered the full cash prize at the World Cup.

Federal captain Zlatko Dalic and a public message published by the players and the entire crew on the national team’s Facebook page drew attention to the difficult situation in the country and they hoped that with this gesture they could make the summer of at least a few more beautiful.
“Croatia is the poorest member of the European Union, which has been the legacy of the South Slavic war for twenty years, and many children can not go to school, the elderly live on the subsistence level, health care is collapsing and leadership is corrupt”, Croatian nationals wrote on the domestic situation.
They added that the country was not led by the right people, and that is why they do not ask for the politicians’ thanks and they want to keep away from the success of the national team.
“This tournament showed that everyone in the football is getting equal opportunities, and the talents of a talented generation have become a real team because they have been subjected to a common interest,” the national team said.
“There are many children who have not yet seen the Croatian coast, but everyone deserves to spend at least a week there,” they wrote in their announcement. It has been pointed out that many children are hungry because their parents have no work, so they can not get on the table.
With the Croatian national team’s final appearances, he earned $ 28 million in the World Cup.
In the Sunday finals, the French team won 4-2.

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