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HD-quality vinyl recordings can come next year Tech 

HD-quality vinyl recordings can come next year

The Austrian startup invention will be available next year.
The Renaissance is lived by vinyl records typical of the Hungarians only as vinyl records. Since the beginning of the decade, increasingly popular strings have been buying nostalgia from partly nostalgia and partly by fashion. The trend is also to be followed by an Austrian startup, and Rebeat Innovation is expected to demonstrate next generation vinyl in October.
According to the company, the product simply called High Definition Vinyl can provide much better sound quality than standard disks and 30 percent longer playback time. All this is made possible by a new production process, the company rethought and modernized the method of producing the disks.
Despite developments, High Definition Vinyl is in theory completely compatible with the turn-key players marketed in the past decades.
It is planned that the first HD discs will be live at the October Making Vinyl conference at Rebeat, and the mass production of discs on store shelves will begin in 2019.

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