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From 1 July, the speed limit is reduced to 80 kilometers per hour on French road European Union Travel 

From 1 July, the speed limit is reduced to 80 kilometers per hour on French road

In France, the maximum allowed speeds from 90 to 80 kilometers per hour from 1 July to off-road roads are reduced. The measure affects about 400,000 kilometers of road.

After the social and parliamentary debate over months, the government announced the regulation in a formal announcement two weeks before it came into effect.
The most important element of the 18 road safety measures announced by the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in mid-January this year is that the maximum permissible speeds of 90 out of 90 per hour on main roads outside the inhabited area, where the direction of travel is not separated by physical barriers (rail, wall) To 80 kilometers. The overwhelming part of the French main road network, about 400,000 kilometers of roads, will come into force on 1 July.
The purpose of the restriction is to reduce the number of fatal accidents. The announcement, however, has provoked a huge indignation of motorists and motorists’ associations and representatives, and according to surveys, 76 percent of the French do not support the measure. The prime minister said he would take on unpopularity if he could save 300-400 lives a year.
“Reducing the number of dead and injured on French roads is a real challenge for public policy,” the head of government said in May, who also promised that the results of the restriction would be examined on 1 July 2020 and if the results did not meet expectations, government “will assume responsibility”.
Thanks to a number of restrictive measures, in France, by 2013, the number of fatalities was halved by 3427 victims, but in the following years a rise again, but last year (3648 victims) decreased by 1.4 percent compared to last year.

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