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Hold on, there’s a big sunstorm coming up! Interesting Facts 

Hold on, there’s a big sunstorm coming up!

There was a huge hole on the sunroof, which means that a geomagnetic storm is approaching. The polar lights lovers will now be spoiled for sure.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization (NOAA) issued the warning on September 11th of the G2 Thunderstorm. This five-degree scale is roughly equivalent to a moderate storm.

We are currently facing the solar minimum, which is the least active period of the 11-year cycle of the Sun. This means that in the coming period, our core star activity will minimize, and the number of sunspots will drop drastically.

Despite this, holes can still be formed on the sunroof. The slots are cooler, less dense plasma regions in the sun’s atmosphere. The holes allow the sun to escape more easily, releasing high-speed electromagnetic radiation into space.

If the hole looks to the Earth, the sunsets are moving straight to us.They have some estimates that they can reach 600 kilometers per second. According to experts, there is no need to keep it from causing major damage to terrestrial electrical equipment or power plants. Temporary disturbances may occur in some locations at the same time.

The polar lights, however, will definitely be spectacular. Aurora is a spectacular high atmospheric light phenomenon occurring both in the northern and southern poles of the Earth, which is caused by the charged particles of solar wind (mainly protons and electrons) penetrating magnetic poles into the magnetosphere. Expectations will allow the lights to be seen both in the northern and southern hemisphere.

The affected regions can be viewed on the NOAA map.

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