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The bull beat a Spanish man in the Pamplona bull European Union 

The bull beat a Spanish man in the Pamplona bull

Krisztina Fehér, MTI correspondent means:
The spleen was shot by a Spanish man on the last day of the Pamplona bull, said the deputy director of surgery at the Navarrese hospital on Friday.

Jon Arizeta said that young injuries are not as severe as the other three men under the age of 25 who were hospitalized after the bull.
Two suffered bruising, and one young man bruised because he had fallen while running, and a bull stepped on his back.
This year’s seventh race was full of excitement and dangerous situations; right at the start of the race, the first big bend on the front, a fast-moving bull, fell into the group of people who were slower than before.
One of them was wearing a red scarf in the bull’s horn and the animal pulled the man on the floor for a few seconds until the scarf finally broke.
The same bull could not take the next sharp turn, crashed into the defensive block, crashing down a runner, who hit the crash without serious injury.
On Friday, the Jandilla breed bulls of Extremadura took part in the bullfighting of San Fermín’s patron saint on 19th time.
Animals are famous for their extreme speed, which is why they challenge the runners.
The first bull of the herd made the 850 meter long passage through the Old Town from 1.59 seconds to the arena. The total run time was 2.24 seconds, which is the third best time this year.
Two bulls have been injured in the bull this year and about 30 people were hospitalized for fractures, scarring and bruising.
Last year on the eight runs a total of six stinging wounds were caused by bulls, with other injuries about fifty were hospitalized.
The ceremony ends on Saturday evening with spectacular fireworks in the town of northeastern Spain, which is filled with tourists.
After the bullfighting, fun begins, the restaurants open, the runners reward themselves with a generous breakfast.
In the afternoon, a bullfight is held in the arena, where torrents fight with some of the bulls running.

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