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Catalan election – Puigdemont re-elected the two largest parties of independence European Union 

Catalan election – Puigdemont re-elected the two largest parties of independence

Agreement on the re-election of Carles Puigdemon, the two largest Catalan Independence Party, Junts pel Sí, and the Left Republic of Catalonia (ERC), the Spanish press reported on Wednesday.

According to sources close to the parties, the agreement was issued on Tuesday night in Brussels, where the former president has been staying for two and a half months since escaping from Spanish justice.
The two parties co-governed Catalonia in the previous parliamentary term, but they did not take part in the 21 December elections. Based on the votes cast, the second and third places were carried out.
In the Catalan elections, the Liberal Central Party (Ciudadanos) won no majority in the ruling coalition, while the three parties of the Independence in the Catalan parliament had joined the majority.
However, Junts pel Sí and ERC co-operation are not yet a guarantee for Puigdemont’s re-election. They have 66 mandates in the legislature of 135, with the majority being supported by 68 MPs.
The left-wing Independence Party with the four mandates (CUP) has not yet joined the co-operation.
The re-election of the former president is further complicated by the fact that eight of the independence representatives who gained mandate in the new legislature can not participate in parliament because they are either in pre-trial detention or in Brussels.
Puigdemon’s party, Junts pel Sí, may also be elected in the absence of a candidate, for example, to trust a representative to read his or her speech but to do it himself via the Internet via Skype.
The ERC asks for a legitimate opinion on all the legal rights of the Catalan parliament.
Ciudadanos, the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) and the Conservative People’s Party (PP), ruling in Spain, oppose this idea.
Carles Puigdemon spoke in an earlier interview that he would return to Spain when he was elected president. However, where there is an arrest warrant against him.
The Catalan Parliament holds its inaugural meeting a week later.

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