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Catalan crisis – The Constitutional Court requests the release of former Catalan Vice-President       Big World 

Catalan crisis – The Constitutional Court requests the release of former Catalan Vice-President    

The Spanish Constitutional Court has requested the release of a former Catalan deputy Oriol Junqueras, formerly arrested, on Wednesday.

The politician turned to the body of a constitutional complaint, urging the urgent procedure of his plea to avoid “irreparable damage”.
According to the deputy vice-president, he has been convicted for more than a hundred days in prison, despite the fact that, as he wrote, the Catalan independence process was peaceful, and the declaration of independence adopted in parliament was a political will but no legal value.
Andreu Van den Eynde, lawyer of Junqueras, emphasized that he trusted that the constitutional court would properly evaluate the petition and annul the decision on pre-trial detention.
He recalled that they are planning to go to the European Court of Human Rights if they have exhausted all domestic remedies but without results.
Oriol Junqueras has repeatedly applied for release at various Spanish courts, but they were all dismissed.
On Wednesday, the Barcelona government adopted a declaration calling for humanitarian reasons to transfer Catalan executives in pre-trial detention to Catalan prisons to get closer to their relatives.
In addition to Oriol Junqueras, Joaquim Forn was a counselor for home affairs, and Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixar, leaders of civil-political party independence organizations, are in pre-trial detention in prisons near the Spanish capital.
Former Catalan government members have been charged with rebellion, ill-treatment and other crimes against others due to their roles and decisions in the process of independence.
As opposed to civil organizational leaders, the process of launching a nightly demonstration at the Barcelona office of the Catalan government at the Barcelona office on September 20 was delayed because the Spanish gendarmes who were in search of that location could not leave the building for hours after the protesting mass that damaged their cars.

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