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Catalan crisis – Ultimatum was received by the Spanish Prime Minister from the Catalan president European Union 

Catalan crisis – Ultimatum was received by the Spanish Prime Minister from the Catalan president

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, Catalan President Quim Torra, received a one-month ultimatum on Tuesday to make a concrete proposal on the Catalan “self-determination”. The Spanish government spokesman rejected the ultimatum.

“If there is no proposal for self-determination before November, the (Catalan) parties of independence can not guarantee any stability in the congress,” said the politician of independence, referring to the minority government of the socialist government in the national legislature, prepare.
Quim Torra said at a meeting in Barcelona that he urged the Spanish Prime Minister to send a letter as soon as possible, but he does not consider the dialogue sufficient without a concrete proposal.
“The patience of Catalonia is not infinite,” he remarked.
Spanish government spokesman Isabel Celaá responded in an extraordinary press conference. According to his words, the Catalan president does not have to wait until November to answer: autonomy yes, independence is not.
He added that the Spanish government did not accept ultimatum and continues the dialogue.
In the parliamentary speech of the Catalan president, he was distracted by the fact that the protesters on the anniversary of the Independence referendum declared unconstitutional on the day before came into conflict with the Catalan police in several places. They tried to penetrate the barcelonian parliament building, breaking through the entrance barrier.
Quim Torra called the events “isolated acts” and stressed that “this is not the path of independence”.
The Radical Committee for Defense Commissions (CDR), which advocates the immediate establishment of the Independent Catalan Republic, has appeared on several occasions on Monday, criticizing the Catalan government and demanding Quim Torra’s resignation.
“The people command, the government obeys,” echoed, for example, one of the events where the Catalan president spoke.
The politician gave them encouraging words, thanking them for pressure exercises, but most of the Spanish and Catalan parliamentary parties expressed their appreciation for violence.
Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has reacted on a Twitter message Tuesday, emphasizing the Catalan president’s responsibility in political settlement, which he risked by extraditing “the siege” to the institutions. “No violence is the way,” he emphasized.

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