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They tried to run soldiers in France European Union 

They tried to run soldiers in France

He tried to force soldiers on Thursday to drive a man to his car with a man at the Varces-Allieres-et-Risset barracks near Grenoble in south-east France. No one was injured – police sources said.

The run-in trial was at three in the morning at 9:00 am near the barracks where soldiers sailed. Somehow, they drifted into a ditch in front of a vehicle that was clearly approaching them, and others jumped up the sidewalk. The man driving the car shouted at them insultingly. An attacker whose motivations are unknown for the time being escaped from the scene, police are looking for great power.
“He started to insult six or seven jogging soldiers, and then fell down to another group of soldiers who started to jog, but who had disappeared from their horizons.” When these soldiers came back, they pulled them toward them. “Soldiers managed to walk on the pavement without running over them, “said Benoit Brulon, a spokesman for the army.
The BFM news broadcast learned that the man was crying in Arabic to the soldiers, threatening to kill them, but the insulting words had no indication of Islamism or terrorism.
The license plate of the car was sold, the Le Dauphine Libéré regional newspaper knows that a police officer is seeking a stolen Peugeot 208 vehicle stolen on Wednesday.
The case is being investigated by the Grenoble prosecutor’s office, the Paris Department of Counterterrorism has not yet initiated any proceedings.
French news releases remind us that on Saturday a 18-year-old man in his Castres barracks in half-French France was driven by his car. No one was injured in the run-up experiment. The car fleeing from the scene was detained shortly afterwards, and on interrogation he said he was targeting “soldiers” for fun, and he did not know the carcassonne jihadist attack on the four victims of the previous day. The attacker was sentenced to four months on Monday and sentenced to nine years and eight months for suspended custody.
In August last year, he was driven by patrol soldiers in a car in a suburb of Paris, Levallois-Perret. Six soldiers were injured in the wandering. Four days later, the police captured the attacker, and the case was classified as a terrorist act by the Paris Prosecutor’s Office.

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