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Cycling does not harm the sexual health of men Other 

Cycling does not harm the sexual health of men

  (MTI) – Cycling does not harm men’s sexual health by a new study comparing runners, swimmers and cyclists.

    The results of the research contradict previous studies that cycling has a negative impact on men’s sexual and urinary health – the BBC’s news portal wrote. Researchers say “the benefits are greater than the disadvantages,” cycling to work, for example, “halves the risk of cancer by half”.
    The researchers surveyed 2774 British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand cyclists, 539 swimmers and 789 runner data based on questionnaires on sex and urinary health.
    The health status of the three groups did not show significant differences in the two areas, although some bikers were more susceptible to urinary stenosis.
    There was no significant difference between recreational and high intensity bikers over two years, more than three times a week, more than 40 kilometers per day.
    According to the authors of the study published in the recent issue of Journal of Urology, there were no control groups in previous studies that compared the data of cyclists and the number of participants was small.
    “The benefits of cycling to the cardiovascular system are enormous and do not harm the joints. The health benefits that bikers enjoy far exceed the potential risks,” said Benjamin Breyer, researcher at the Urology Department at San Francisco University of California, author.
    It was also found that cyclists had statistically significantly higher chances of numbness of the genital organs, but if the bicycle is more than 20 percent of the time, the risk is significantly reduced.
    Researchers in the future will want to look at those who have reported many of these numbnesses to find out if the problem can be a forerunner of later health problems.

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