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“late” is the new British visa for the Russian owner of Chelsea Sports United Kingdom 

“late” is the new British visa for the Russian owner of Chelsea

According to the BBC Sunday’s announcement, it is still “delayed” to extend the expiration of the expired British investor visa of the Russian owner of the London Chelsea football league in the Premier League, Roman Abramovich. The British public service company knows that Abramovich has traveled from Britain.

The 51-year-old Russian billionaire, who took Chelsea FC parent company in 2003, was not present at the Wembley Stadium’s Saturday FA Cup final, where Eden Hazard scored his 1-0 defeat at Manchester United.
The source of the BBC’s “close to Abramovich” said that the extension of the UK’s investor visa for Russian magnate is “ongoing, but a little longer than usual”.
Ben Wallace, the State Secretary for Homeland Security at the British Ministry of Home Affairs, said that the ministry “usually does not comment on individual affairs,” and that Abramovich’s London office said he did not give any information on “personal issues” to the media.
According to BBC sources, Abramovich’s British business visa expired weeks ago, while the Russian financier Boeing’s 767 private jet left Britain on April 1, and although he has since returned to New York, Monaco and Switzerland, he has not returned to London.
Great Britain and Russia have not been too good bilateral relations since the fact that former Russian intelligence agent and daughter Julia Szkripal, Sergei Szkripal, suffered heavy poisoning in the town of Salisbury in southwestern England in early March.
Although Moscow is constantly and firmly denying anything to do with the case, London, however, treats the poisoning of an active substance that can be used as a weapon in the weaponry for which the Russian government is responsible.
The British government, following a poisoning incident, expelled 23 Russian diplomats carrying out intelligence, according to the British authorities, to which Moscow responded similarly.
State Secretary for Home Affairs Ben Wallace has announced before the poisoning incident that London intends to force foreign oligarchs in Britain to justify the “unexplainable” big fortune in view of the government’s estimate of £ 90 billion a year (more than $ 32,000 billion HUF) illegally earned foreign assets in the British business sector and the banking system.
The Sunday Conservative British newspaper The Sunday Times, which has compiled a list of the wealthiest magnate in the UK since the fall of 1989, Rich List – this year’s £ 9.33 billion Roman Abramovich property this week announced. The owner of Chelsea, who grew up in oil stores in the 1990s, said Rich List 2018 edited $ 1.28 billion in assets over the course of a year and is currently ranked 13th in the thousands of markets.

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