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Chinotherapy: Another ancient “miracle cure” is spreading Interesting Facts 

Chinotherapy: Another ancient “miracle cure” is spreading

The therapeutic method was developed by Buddhist monks in China for about two millennia and later spread to Japan.

Angelina Hsiao, a Taiwanese medical practitioner, has learned the method from a Taiwanese healer for thirty years and has established 36 medical centers in Taiwan over the past three decades and another 82 praxis in China, Japan, Malaysia, India, France and Germany.

Hsiao uses two pale-blade hardeners to harmonize the energies of complementary jin-yangs of the human body, like acupuncture, which is also aimed at restoring the natural state of the energy channels (meridians) that provide energy to the body’s energy.

Hsiao’s goal is to get away with the government of Taiwan to use knife therapy as an alternative treatment for hospital rehabilitation programs.

Unfortunately, as with most conventional therapies, there is a lot of uncontrollable, non-vertebrate masks associated with late-therapy (which is actually two blunt-bale massage).

It may well be that this massage has a beneficial effect on the body, but it is unlikely to have any special therapeutic effect.

It does not help verifying the credibility of the “cure”, for example, that the bards used for medical treatment are placed next to the meteorites so that the rocks clean up the medical devices from “harmful energies”.

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