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Kiev: Putin will not ask for mercy by the hungry filmmaker Ukrainian filmmaker European Union 

Kiev: Putin will not ask for mercy by the hungry filmmaker Ukrainian filmmaker

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will not ask for mercy Oleh Sencov, a Ukrainian filmmaker who has been imprisoned in Russia for more than a month and is a Ukrainian starfighter, and the Moscow leadership is also counting on it, said Irina Heraschenko, Vice-President of the Kiev parliamentary presidential delegate on Wednesday Kremlin spokesman on that day.

Dmitry Peszkov told reporters that Ukrainian filmmakers should initiate themselves in order to receive grace in accordance with the rules of such cases.
Heraschenko, however, recalled that the Kremlin did not demand the same thing in the case of a former soldier in Nagyija Szavchenko. Officials of the two Russian journalists were then formally asked by the Russians to speak to Mrs Szavchenko who, according to Moscow, had lost their lives in the part of the Donyec Basin strike, under control of the breakaway. The former pilot was granted amnesty on behalf of relatives and then replaced with two Russian military intelligence captured in Ukraine.
Meanwhile, Ljudmila Denyiszova, a Ukrainian human rights lawyer – who has been trying to meet Ukrainian citizens in Russia for six days trying to meet Ukrainian citizens despite the agreement between the Ukrainian and Russian heads-ups so far unsuccessful – on Tuesday said on Facebook that the Russian authorities had also denied at least a video link to see Sencov. Would you like to make sure that he is really right, as he was told by the Russian Ombudsman for Human Rights, whose representative, according to Denyiszova’s words, had the last two weeks to see the hunger strikers film director.

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